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China Glaze Magnetix Collection for Spring 2012 – Product Information & Photos

Magnetix Collection - Promotional Photo (1)

Release Date: Mid-February 2012
Price: Individual shades retail for $10; the China Glaze Magnetix magnets retail for $10 and are sold separately.
Available at: 8ty8Beauty, Head2Toe, Transdesign and the usual outlets.

China Glaze, which makes nail lacquers sold at salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide, has announced the launch of its limited edition Magnetix nail lacquer collection.

Infused with iron powders that move when exposed to a magnet, China Glaze Magnetix uses magnetic force to create three different designs — starburst, repeating arrows or diagonal lines.

Inspired by bold, sleek, futuristic fashion and art, the China Glaze Magnetix collection features six shades:

  • Attraction: Chic metallic chrome.
  • Cling On: Gorgeous green metallic.
  • Drawn To You: Subtle metallic lilac.
  • Instant Chemistry: Sophisticated metallic berry.
  • Pull Me Close: Crystal blue metallic.
  • You Move Me: Luxe gold metallic.

Magnetix Collection - Promotional Photo (2)
The three new China Glaze magnetic designs: repeating arrows, diagonal lines or starburst.



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