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Lime Crime Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss for Winter 2011 – Review & Swatches

Lime Crime Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss for Winter 2011

Described as ‘plum-purple with turquoise sparkle’ (Limited Edition).

Release Date: Monday, November 28th 2011
Price: $17.00US each for 3.5 g/0.12 oz. or $65.00US for the collection.
Available at: Lime Crime and the usual stockists.

I was a little disappointed with this Carousel Gloss, which unlike Candy Apple, was quite different from the swatch provided on their website. This lipgloss is a plum purple with dark blue glitter, that appears as a beautiful purple and blue jewel-tone colour. If you apply the gloss very heavily, you can achieve a look that more closely resembles the official lip swatch.

These lipglosses are opaque, moisturizing, thick and sticky and are also lightly vanilla scented. I did not find them gloppy unless I applied too much product. The applicator brushes appear similar to MAC’s Dazzleglasses, however the Carousel Glosses brush is about half the size and has a smaller tapered tip for more precise application. In my opinion, this is necessary for pigmented glosses so the product can be applied accurately. But I do feel that the Carousel Glosses applicator could be longer, in order to collect more product from the tube.

Unfortunately Kaleidoscope has a shorter wear time of 2 – 3 hours, in comparison to Candy Apple which wears for 3 – 4 hours. This is due to the purple/blue jewel-tone, which can look patchy as it fades. It also needs reapplication after eating and sometimes after drinking. Once removed, this product did not stain my lips, but did leave behind a blue glitter residue.

Overall, four coats were required for Kaleidoscope. I used two coats (one on each lip) to carefully line and fill in my lips, which created a semi-opaque purple base coat. I then used two more coats to achieve opaque and even coverage. I did also find that the product moved whenever my lips pressed together, but managed to maintain its opacity and even coverage. These lipglosses will also bleed and feather if you apply too much product.

This is definitely a unique shade, that is probably more suitable for Fall. Like most pigmented glosses, the Carousel Glosses are not without their issues, and are more high maintenance than your regular lipgloss. Although Kaleidoscope is less impressive than Candy Apple – I still love this colour for what it is.


3.5/5 Red Frogs

Click here to see my comparison between Limes Crime’s Carousel Glosses and MAC’s Dazzleglasses.

See more photos & swatches…

Lime Crime Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss

Lime Crime Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss

Disclaimer: This is a honest review of a product I personally purchased. I am not currently affiliated with Lime Crime. All photos are taken in daylight without flash. I will only post photographs that I feel closely resemble the product.

Click here to see my comparison between Limes Crime’s Carousel Glosses and MAC’s Dazzleglasses.

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