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Lime Crime Carousel Glosses & MAC Dazzleglasses – Comparison & Review

Lime Crime Carousel Glosses & MAC Dazzleglasses – Comparison & Review

This is a comparison between Lime Crime’s Carousel Glosses and MAC’s Dazzleglasses.

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  • Funtabulous Dazzleglass (Coming Soon)
Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass (Coming Soon)

As soon as the promotional images were released for Lime Crime’s Carousel Gloss collection, comparisons were made against MAC’s Dazzleglasses. Both  are thick, sticky, glittery glosses (with the exception of the Golden Ticket Carousel Gloss) that come with a brush applicator. The main difference is that Dazzleglasses have a sheer to medium coverage and Carousel Glosses have an opaque coverage. Please note that Funtabulous is one of MAC’s more pigmented Dazzleglasses – see swatches of their full range here.

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The texture of both glosses is similar in thickness and stickiness. However I have found that the glitter in Dazzleglasses tends to feel gritty between my lips as the gloss begins wears off, and I have not had this issue with either of my Carousel Glosses. They both have a light vanilla scent, are moisturizing and have a very glossy finish. Once removed, Dazzleglasses do not stain or leave behind a glitter residue. However, Candy Apple Carousel Gloss does slightly stain the lips red and Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss leaves behind a blue glitter residue.

Left to right: Lime Crime Kaleidoscope Carousel Gloss, Lime Crime Candy Apple Carouse; Gloss, MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

The applicator brushes are very different and for a good reasons. The Dazzleglasses brush is longer, flatter and wider but is less precise in application, which is not an issue because it is not an opaque gloss. The Carousel Glosses brush is about half the size and has a smaller tapered tip for more precise application, which is necessary for pigmented glosses to outline the lips accurately. I still feel that the Carousel Glosses applicator could be longer, in order to collect more product from the tube. As you can see in the picture below, the Dazzleglass applicator brush collects far more product.

Left: MAC Dazzleglass Applicator Brush in Funtabulous, Right: Carousel Gloss Applicator Brush in Candy Apple

For me, Carousel Glosses actually had a longer wear time than the Dazzleglasses. This is mainly due to the grittiness of the glitter in Dazzleglasses, therefore I reapply every 2 – 3 hours to suspend the glitter in more gloss. I reapply Candy Apple Carousel Gloss every 3 – 4 hours and after meals. Unfortunately, Kaleidoscope has a shorter wear time of 2 – 3 hours, mostly due to its jewel-tone of blue and purple which can look patchy as it fades.

Cost wise, a Dazzleglass retails at $18.50US/$43.00AU for 1.7g/0.06oz, whereas a Carousel Gloss retails at $17.00US for 3.5g/0.12oz.  You do the math – Carousel Glosses are far better value (especially if you live in Australia). Some may debate that you will use more product per usage of the Carousel Gloss, but I believe this is just due to the smaller application brush or what look the consumer wishes to achieve.

Overall these are two different glosses, that may feel and (from afar) look the same, but have different purposes. Dazzleglasses have a sheer to medium coverage that is fairly low maintenance and more subtle for layering or adding a wash of colour to your lips. Whereas Carousel Glosses have an opaque coverage, and therefore are more high maintenance, but tend to be worn by themselves. In the end, depending on what look you wish to achieve, the choice is up to you.

Disclaimer: This is an honest review of products I personally purchased. I am not currently affiliated with Lime Crime or MAC Cosmetics. All photos are taken in daylight without flash. I will only post photographs that I feel closely resemble the products.

Which do you fancy best – the Dazzleglasses or the Carousel Glosses?



  1. mariestellamck

    It frustrates the hell out of me just how much MAC products are marked up in Aus, you pretty much end up paying on par with higher market brands and in my opinion, most of the time its just not worth it!!
    I know people will say “oh but shipping costs!” but really, our dollar is pretty much on par with the US and that’s also a flimsy excuse when shipping costs are put on EVERY ITEM IN A BULK PURCHASE, and I’ve bought makeup from the US where shipping wasn’t an excess of $20+ so what the balls is going on there?.
    If the US MAC website were able to ship to Aus you could save over 50% of the Aus website prices!!!!! Frustrating!!!!

    argh! sorry for the rant, this is a great comparison as now I won’t shell out the extra $27 for something I can get a lot cheaper.
    Thanks!!! :D

    • Hahaa, it’s okay – I’ve have many rants on the same topic myself. In my opinion – I use these two glosses for different things – but they both look great layered over lipsticks. And Lime Crime’s shipping is quite cheap ($10US). You can also purchase their range from Beserk Clothing, an Australian online supplier, if you need the items quickly, and they only have a mark-up of $2.50.
      Also, if you really love your MAC like I do, consider using a Mail Forwarder – I use PriceUSA (give it google). I’m happy to ask any questions you may have about that.

      Thanks for your comment :)

  2. mariestellamck

    Amazing! Why haven’t I heard of PriceUSA before?!? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • No worries. Their service is amazing, postage has never been more than $20. And one time I placed an order that added up to $150US but would have cost over $300 in Australia. I was loving life! :D

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