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Emma Watson for Lancome ‘Rouge In Love’ Collection – Preview

Emma Watson for Rouge In Love (1)

Emma Watson for Lancome ‘Rouge In Love’ Collection

Release Date: February 2012
Available at: Lancome.

“The idea is to make this young generation — that has been a gloss fan — come back to using lipsticks. At the same time, they were complaining about the fact that the classical lipsticks were heavy on lips. So we invented a formula which is a brand new generation of texture that is at the same time very intense color and six-hour perfect wear. We worked with Emma on the shade range.” – Youcef Nabi, president of Lancome International

“Rouge in Love (a lipstick line) and Vernis in Love (a nail polish line) will both debut in February. Lancôme International president Youcef Nabi says that the goal of the product line is to appeal to younger women, like Watson, who have traditionally been fans of glosses but want to segue into wearing lipstick more. YouTube beauty DIY video star Michelle Phan, who works for the brand, helped coordinate the online campaign.

Lancôme is taking an aggressive approach to marketing the two new product lines. The 24 polishes will be sold in pairs, with one color recommended for the hands and the other for the feet. As for the lipsticks, they are divided into three categories: Jolis Matins (everyday colors and nudes), Lipsticks in the Boudoir Time (colors with white or silver sparkles in them), and Tonight Is My Night (bold colors with gold sparkles).”  – The Huffington Post



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