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MAC Cosmetics Metal-X Collection for Winter 2011 – Product Information & Photos

Promotional Photo (1)

MAC Metal-X Collection for Winter 2011

Release Date: December 26th, 2011
Available at: MAC Cosmetics & Nordstrom.

A cutting-edge formula that transforms powdery cream into liquid metal before your very eyes – on your very eyes (or cheeks, brow bone, décolleta ge… anywhere a multi-dimensional metallic effect is desired). Created with a new mélange of pigments that allow superior blendability and spreadability, our luxurious highlighter goes from medium to high intensity coverage in a simple one-stroke application. This molten magic is sure to elevate any look with its extreme brilliance, shine and dimension!

Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow $20.00US/$24.00CDN

  • Cyber: Metallic silver with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Fusion Gold: Light pinky beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Gold Carbon: Metallic taupe (Limited Edition)
  • Palladium: Metallic ash (Limited Edition)
  • Red Hot Copper: Warm copper (Limited Edition)
  • Rusty: Dirty peach gold (Limited Edition)
  • Venetian Tarnish: Golden tarnished bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Vintage Coin: Metallic olive green (Limited Edition)
  • Virgin Silver: White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

See more promotional & product photos…

Promotional Photo (2)

Metal-X Collection - Promotional Photo (3)

Product Photo - Cyber Eyeshadow
Cyber Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Fusion Gold Eyeshadow
Fusion Gold Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Gold Carbon
Gold Carbon Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Palladium Eyeshadow
Palladium Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Red Hot Copper Eyeshadow
Red Hot Copper Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Rusty Eyeshadow
Rusty Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Venetian Tarnish Eyeshadow
Venetian Tarnish Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Vintage Coin Eyeshadow
Vintage Coin Eyeshadow

Product Photo - Virgin Silver Eyeshadow
Virgin Silver Eyeshadow


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