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Clinique Sugared Maple Long Last Lipstick – Review & Swatches

Clinique Sugared Maple Long Last Lipstick

Described as a moisture rich, colour true lipstick that combines soft shine long lasting colour. A lipstick that glows on and on, as it protects and smoothes. Coverage: Moderate

Price: $14.50US/$36.00AU
Available at: Clinique, Nordstrom & Sephora.

Sugared Maple is a frosted earthy red-brown with a semi-sheer coverage. The formula was thin, applied evenly in 2-3 coats and did not pronounce lip imperfections. This lipstick wore for close to three hours, like Creamy Nude, however it was only slightly moisturizing. As with most Clinique products, this lipstick was also taste and fragrance free.

Personally, I am not a fan of frosted lipsticks, and therefore I rarely reach for this colour. I also wish it wore for longer, was more moisturizing and more opaque in colour. However, if you like frosted nudes – this colour might be up your alley.


3.5/5 Red Frogs

Please note:
This lipstick is in the old Clinique packaging, but I do not believe the formula has been altered.

See more photos and swatches… 

Please excuse the poor hand swatch – I will re-swatch this lipstick asap.

Clinique Sugared Maple Long Last Lipstick

Disclaimer: This is a honest review of a product I personally purchased. I am not currently affiliated with Clinique. All photos are taken in daylight without flash. I will only post photographs that I feel closely resemble the product.

Are you a fan of frosted lipsticks?


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