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TKB Trading Crucible Red Pigment – Review & Swatches

TKB Trading Crucible Red Pigment

Described as a “metallic pigment with a super-satured red hue.”

Price: Various, starting at $1.50US for one generous teaspoon.
Available at: TKB Trading.

I am a huge fan of red eyeshadows and eyeliners, but unfortunately many brands do not stock these options. Crucible Red is a slightly blackened metallic red, that is subdued when applied dry and much more vibrant when applied wet.

When used dry, I did experience a substantial amount of fallout during application and general wear. This issue was dramatically decreased by using wet or with a mixing medium. But regardless, throughout the day fallout would slowly gather underneath my eye, which is not an appealing look. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of trouble blending and generally working with this mica.

This shade begins to fade after 3 hours when applied dry and without a primer, and after 6 hours when applied wet without a primer. This is such a beautiful and unusual colour, but I am not sure it’s worth the hassle.

Ingredients: Copper Powder, Silicon Dioxide.


3/5 Red Frogs

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Please note: Pure micas do not contain any additives or bases, and therefore may not adhere optimally to the skin. They are intended to be used to make your own cosmetics, and are not a finished product.

You can also purchase additives and bases from TKB Trading to improve application and wear. I also highly recommend purchasing a jar for storage, which TKB Trading also sells, as their micas are sold in bags.

TKB Trading Crucible Red Pigment (Dry)/TKB Trading Crucible Red Pigment (Wet)

Disclaimer: This is a honest review of a product I personally purchased. I am not currently affiliated with TKB Trading. All photos are taken in daylight without flash. I will only post photographs that I feel closely resemble the product.

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Do you fancy red cosmetics for the eyes?


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