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Burberry Beauty Fall 2011 Collection – Product Information & Photos

Product Photo - Midnight Brown No.21
Midnight Brown No.21

Burberry Beauty Fall 2011 Collection

Release Date: Fall 2011
Available at: Burberry and Nordstrom.

Sheer Eyeshadow $29.00US

  • Midnight Brown No.21

‘Effortless Mascara’ Volumising Enhancer $28.00US

  • Midnight Brown No.02
  • Midnight Blonde No.03

‘Eye Definer’ Eye Shaping Pencil $27.00US

  • Golden Brown No.06

‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick $30.00US

  • Nude Rose No.25
  • Nude Cashmere No.26

‘Lip Definer’ Lip Shaping Pencil $27.00US

  • Rosewood No.07

‘Fresh Glow’ Luminous Fluid Base $48.00US
Burberry Fresh Glow is a lightweight, luminous fluid base that gives the skin a gentle fresh shimmer and sheer dewy finish. The unique pink color complements all skin tones and enhances the complexion for an effortlessly radiant, healthy look. The beautifying formula contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties. The skin is hydrated, protected and has a natural healthy glow.

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Product Photo - Midnight Brown No.02
Midnight Brown No.02

Product Photo - Golden Brown No.06
Golden Brown No.06

Product Photo - Nude Rose No.25
Nude Rose No.25

Product Photo - Nude Cashmere No.26
Nude Cashmere No.26

Product Photo - Rosewood No.07
Rosewood No.07

Product Photo - ‘Fresh Glow’ Luminous Fluid Base
‘Fresh Glow’ Luminous Fluid Base



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