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Color Club Fractured Collection – Product Information & Photos

Fractured Collection - Promotional Photo (3)

Color Club Fractured Collection

Release Date: 2011
Price: $3 – $7US
Available at: 8ty8Beauty, Head2Toe, Transdesign and the usual outlets.

Break it up! Get a jagged-edge finish with fractured, Color Club’s latest lacquer innovation. Just brush fractured over dry polish and expect a radical transformation.

6 New Limited Edition Shades (2011 Release)

  • Broken Tokens: Silver fracture.
  • Clean Break: White fracture.
  • Kiss And Break Up: Purple shimmer fracture.
  • Smash Hit: Black fracture.
  • Splitting Image: Blue shimmer fracture.
  • Tattered In Gold: Gold fracture.

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My Thoughts:
Crackle/shatter/fracture polish is nothing new, but if you’re looking for more colourful crackle polishes – Kiss And Break Up and Splitting Image might be up your alley.

Swatches & Full Reviews

Fractured Collection - Promotional Photo (2)



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