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China Glaze X Anniversary Collection – Product Information & Photos

X Collection - Promotional Photo (1)

China Glaze X Anniversary Collection for Fall 2007

Release Date: September 2007
Price: $3 – $7US
Available at: 8ty8Beauty, Head2Toe, Transdesign and the usual outlets.

China Glaze celebrates its 10 year anniversary, a decade of fine colorware! Twelve new shades that compliment all sides of a woman. China Glaze, in the debut of “X”, clearly indicates that the combined forces of color, class and style speak for themselves. Timeless, classical, traditional – these beautiful polish shades transcend time. Fashion has always looked backward for elements that inform future creations. Now, China Glaze nods to the past while looking extremely fashion forward.

12 New Limited Edition Shades for Fall 2007

  • I: Light shimmer.
  • II: Medium shimmer.
  • III: Dark shimmer.
  • IV: Carnation pink cream.
  • V: Coral cream.
  • VI: Deep coral shimmer.
  • VII: Plum cream.
  • VIII: Eggplant cream.
  • IX: Black brown cream.
  • X: Bronze pearl.
  • China Rouge (Signature Series): Red cream.
  • Red Pearl (Signature Series): Red pearl.

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Top Picks:
A few lovely and wearable shades in this collection, although most are dupable.

Runners Up:
IV Nail Polish & V Nail Polish & VII Nail Polish.

I Nail Polish, II Nail Polish & III Nail Polish – I’m personally not a fan of sheer polished.

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